CGI & Virtual Production


Video clip made in Unreal Engine 5 for the swiss rapper Erren Sun.
The track « Daydream » is part of his new double single.

All the 3D Shots were made using Unreal Engine 5. This involved world building and compositing, custom shaders, realtime green screen integration, VFX and virutal camera animation.


Produced and directedErren Sun
Cinematographer & Editor & ColoristLucho Rangel
Camera AssistantMathilde Jaccard
CGI & Virtual ProductionFloating Point Studio
GuitaristDylan Jornod
Sound EngineerStéphane Murugan
Photograph & Set DesignerJulian Misciali
Stylist 1Fangis Klamotten
Stylist 2 & Graphic designLiam Wühl
Production assistantDaniel Mastrullo & Sofia Fresey-Angelopoulou