Augmented reality

AR experience

Mysterious floating architectures are revealed. Like windows to another dimension, we discover an astral universe populated by avatars. These curious characters, like false reflections, have a familiar behavior… Can you recognise them?
Augmented reality experience first shown at the Palais Augmenté 2022 (Paris, FR) and then at Noor Riyadh (Riyadh, SA).

The project was made in Unity using Vuforia to trigger the experience and detect the space. We used Rokoko Suite to record the movements and attach them to our custom avatars.


AR ExperienceFloating Point Studio
CuratorsFisheye Immersive
ExhibitionPalais Augmenté
PlaceGrand Palais Ephémère, Paris (FR)
SupportECAL / University of Art and Design
Lausanne Switzerland Bachelor Media & Interaction Design