Virtual reality, Real time experience, Motion capture

Realtime theater

Brainwaves is an innovative and captivating theatrical experience that combines virtual reality (VR) with live performance to take viewers on a journey into the imaginative mind of Ivy, a paralyzed girl. Through the use of VR headsets, participants are transported into a fantastical universe created by Ivy, where they can explore alien environments representing facets of her life. Exploring the profound themes of transhumanism and the intricate relationship between body and mind, this unique production brings together real-time motion capture technology, VR and theater.

Ivy’s character is brought to life by an actress wearing a motion capture suit, allowing her movements to be translated in real time into the VR environment. This creates a seamless connection between the live performance and the virtual world, enhancing the sense of immersion and authenticity.

As participants don their VR headsets, they are instantly transported into Ivy’s vivid imagination. They will discover and navigate through visually stunning landscapes that symbolize different aspects of Ivy’s inner world.


Conception, mise en scène & écritureRGB Project, Christophe Burgess
Jeu Estelle Bridet, Lisa Courvallet (en alternance), Auxiliaire MOTUM Christophe Burgess, Michael Goodchild
Composition & Sound DesignDjamel Cencio
Scénographie réelleLucie Meyer
Costumes réelsAna Carina Romero
Dramaturgie Michael Goodchild
Régie son & lumièreCyprien Rausis
Régie VRFloating Point Studio
Scénographie virtuelleLucie Meyer, Floating Point Studio, Basil Denereaz, Yael Sidler, Evan Kelly
Avatar virtuelAna Carina Romero, Floating Point Studio, Basil Denereaz, Yael Sidler, Evan Kelly
Artistes 3D, CGI, User experienceFloating Point Studio, Basil Denereaz, Yael Sidler, Evan Kelly
Mocap, Networking, Ue4 & Virtual productionFloating Point Studio
Réalisation vidéoGuillaume Darbellay
Soutien de recherche et experteIzabella Pluta
Aide à la constructionIsmaëlle Paul-Joseph
Production Emilien Rossier, Michael Goodchild
Diffusion Diane Dormet, Emilien Rossier