Filming & Editing

Giroflex collaborations

Through its collaborations, Giroflex wanted to showcase its various chair models in different contexts and locations.
The brand was also keen to promote the joint work carried out with industrial design studios such as « Big-Game ».

Giroflex 150

The « Giroflex 150 » is one of the brand’s legendary chairs. The « Big-Game » design studio worked in collaboration with « Flokk » and « Karimoku New Standard (KNS) » to revive this iconic model with a new version of the chair.

Mover x Giroflex

The « Mover X Giroflex » short film presents the innovative sportswear design studio, « Mover, » and their pioneering plastic-free sportswear initiative. This film highlights the studio’s commitment to sustainable fashion while providing a glimpse into their dynamic environment and how the Giroflex 150 and 313 chairs seamlessly integrate into their fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace.

Hørde x Giroflex

To promote the relevance and comfort of « Giroflex 40 » chairs in a professional working environment, the brand presents the Lausanne-based communications agency « Hørde » and its use of the various « Flokk » products.


ClientFlokk AG
Project ManagementBig-Game: Augustin Scott de Martinville & Flokk: Kristine Sønning Frosbak
Filming & EditingFloating Point Studio